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au pair student for free accomodation Bilocale con scala a chiocchiola a Francolino ospitalità in cambio di baby sitting

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    Data d'inserzione 22-09-2018 00:07


    user Mariposa

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    au pair student for free accomodation [camera singola]

    Hello, we are looking for an au pair female English native speaker student who would like to join our family, help us with our three kids aged 2,4 and 6 and live a true Italian way of life family experience!We require a 2/3 hours per day baby sitting from Monday to Friday (...you won't be all alone in preaparing breakfast, get them dressed, take them to school...but you would help us !)in the very early morning before leaving or during the evening (from 6:30 to 9 pm for bathing, preparing dinner, playing with them,...) depending on our job commitments, and maybe a couple of hour baby-sitting during the evening in the week-ends.If you are a student we basically ask for child care and in that case we offer you free accomodation.If you come to work as an aupair and can do house works as well we can provide compensation.We offer a private single room in our house, we live only 10 minutes away from Ferrara city centre by bus or bicycle (we would prefer long staying, minimum six months).If you really want to share your life with us and are sincerelly open to act as a 'big sister' for our kids we are waiting for you, just get in touch so that we can know each other and possibly meet!

    uso cucina - internet - lavanderia - posto bici - autobus mezzi

    libero da: ott/2018 - tipo inquilino: qualsiasi - sesso: F

    Indirizzo: via barbieri 45 ferrara

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    scritto da Chiara18 il 18-10-2018 alle 10:30

    Good morning! My name is Chiara, 20 years old and I’m attending Biotechnology at the university of Ferrara. I’m Italian native but I spent the last year in USA as an au Pair. I took care of two lovely girls, 8 and 10 yrs old, and had such a great time with them! I would like to know something more about your family and about the schedule! Thank you so much!

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    scritto da feranvo il 29-09-2018 alle 22:55

    Domani mattina il papà corre a Ferrara. Ma dopo le 15 potete provare a chiamare papà. A domani e buona serata

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    • scritto il 30-09-2018 alle 09:01

      La nostra esigenza è di una baby sitter madre lingua inglese, abbiamo bisogno di capire meglio il tuo background, dove sei nata e dove hai vissuto fino ad oggi, dove hai svolto i tuoi studi, in Italia? In questo caso hai fatto esperienze di lungo periodo all'estero? O hai frequentato una scuola internazionale? Hai certificazioni linguistiche tipo Cambridge English? Che livello? Queste informazioni sono imprescindibili per noi dato che la persona che cerchiamo dovrà comunicare con i bimbi esclusivamente in inglese.

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    scritto da feranvo il 29-09-2018 alle 00:08

    Hello i am italian bilingual, i.e. my mother thong is italian and German. I speak English as second language. Are you italian or English? I’m going to start biotechnology this October. My father mobile phone number is +348 6969246 if you want to contact him. Regards

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    • scritto il 29-09-2018 alle 19:58

      Siamo Italiani e la ricerca di una baby sitter che parli inglese è per poter avviare i bimbi alla lingua straniera. Domani potremmo chiamare il papà in tarda mattinata? Oppure dimmi tu a seconda della sua disponibilità.

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    scritto da feranvo il 28-09-2018 alle 12:16

    Good morning I am an 18 years old girl coming from Varese and in Ferrara to start my university course. Experience with baby sitting, fluently speaking 3 languages, available for contacts. If interest my father will handle the first contact

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    • scritto il 28-09-2018 alle 23:14

      Hello! What is your country of origin and your mother tongue? Which other languages do you speak? We have big nephews who are studying Biology and Nursing sciences in Ferrara, what about you? No problem in talking with your father, does he speak Italian? Thank you Annamaria


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